Why putting stuff in your butt is important? - De-mystifying the feeling of Fullness


Alright Lets, Chat!

It's important to know that your booty... pumpkin... brown eye, whatever you call it is not just an exit only! Yes, it can appear gross, it smells weird, maybe be a bit salty but that's why exploration is important... Oh, and your glands will thank you!



Let's start with the feeling of fullness. For individuals who do enjoy anal the feeling of fullness is a great sensation. Firstly to feel full and not frustrated is to conquer the perceived notion that fecal matter or defecation debris is a problem. It's not, everyone poops, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes it's so large you need more room in bowl, sometimes it's just liquid. Excretion is something every living organism does! (Panda's, Elephants, Hippopotamus' & Koalas eat their parent's poop to get the right amount of bacteria in their bodies). Oxygen is an excretion of plant excrement... technically. You get the point! 

Alright Team Sensuale, quit with the shit talk and get on with it!  (*be prepared for poop puns*)

Understanding Fullness and starting with Anal is overwhelming and there will be poop involved. Being successful in feeling full, wonderful, and extra saucy starts with knowing your body, owning that ass of yours!  You may need to try a few things on your own before you extend the cavern of time to your partner.

You're stomach, and excretory systems are directly affected by your mental wellness. Successful stress management is correlated to clean poops. Nutrition is less important than stress management for a formed stool as your body is a constant state of management, stress relief, and soothing it focusses on getting everything out (unless you have allergies/intolerances)! Think of your stomach and intestinal tract as hyperactive bouncers at a weird club. When things are feeling a bit tense they just throwing everyone out!

One great way to soothe the start of the Anal process is by using your intimate device to vibrate and massage your pelvis and lower back. What does this do... Well, let me do the duty of telling you... (it's not going to get better). Using a rumbly vibrator on your body with a bit of pressure increases microcirculation and stimulates healthy metabolic function. Ever wonder why you always need to use the washroom after coffee? Coffee produces a hormone called Gastrin which stimulates gastric acid cells of the stomach and aids in gastric motility. Vibration and movement also support the creation of Gastrin and the development of stomach bacteria! Just as exercise is good for mental health, it's good for the gut as well!

Alright, so where do you start? 


Anal needs to be on your own terms and needs to be intentional. It's fun when everyone is drunk and now feeling adventurous, the spontaneity is super exciting however it's not how the feeling of fullness is the best achieved and could have some excrement join the adventure.

When taking the booty back - start with a great trainer kit. (I wish I had one of these when I was starting my journey understanding my body)

The B-Vibe Complete guide has everything you need for cleaning, storage and feeling a bundle of sensations. The plugs increase in size, with the middle size vibrating! 



Lube it up. Like, full-on drench yourself. Lube is magical and acts as a slick protective layer! We cannot recommend Intimate Earth Anal Glides enough!


Both contain guava bark which acts as a soothing agent and astringent, but helps as a nervine! (helps relax tense nerves).  Guava bark also has antibacterial properties. If you're afraid of a code brown, the DEFENSE glide supports anal play as it also has Skin Safe Tea Tree. Check out our Lube Page to go through which is the best suited for your needs! 





Clean your toys with a natural toy cleaner that contains antimicrobial & antibacterial agents. This will ensure that everything is taken care of. If you don't have a toy cleaner, or it's not in the budget don't worry - use MILD soap and WARM water. It's worth the money to get the Intimate Earth Cleaner as it provides that extra level of security (if you're worried about hygiene).


Your body is not broken. It's a beautiful creation that deserves to be explored! 

What's the benefit? 

So, why? 

This seems like a lot of work for what some may say could be a "shitty" outcome.

So focussing on anal, and exploring your anal cavity is super important for mental health and your poop speaks volumes about what's going on internally, so take a little look and smell if it joins the party. (Sensuale.ca is the only Adult Store offering  BODY SAFE - MEDICAL Grade intimate Devices that will not retain bacteria) 

Exploring this cavity with rumbly sensations helps with the increase of microcirculation  (Check out our Blog Post on Chronic Pain to learn about the important of Microcirculation) and metabolic function. Trust me, take your vibrator to your tummy after festive feasts - life-changing.

Tension is held in the sphincter and immediately released when safely penetrated.

The feeling of comfortable fullness increases chances of Vaginal, Cervical, Anal, Blended and Multiple Orgasms as your body will ignite the nervous system in response to have multiple stimuli!

And Lastly.

This is your body to own and take control over, nothing or no one get's to determine how you can treat, love and adore your HOLE-Self (see what we did there?). 

We are rooting for you and will answer any questions.

You are more loved then you realize

xo Team Sensuale. 


up next... De-mystifying the prostate!

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