Chronic Pain & the Science of Feeling Sexy

Welcome to a chapter about chronic pain and getting your sexy back. Since chronic pain is a MASSIVE topic there is going to be multiple installments of Chronic Pain and feeling sexy!

Chapter One of our glorious kettle chip induced odyssey is identifying chronic pain.

Chronic Pain is simply defined as ongoing pain that persists longer than 6 months. The chronic pain we are going to chat about today is not traumatic recovery, but more continual constant pain. For example, if an arm gets broken, you will be in discomfort/pain for 6 months but this should hopefully go away. If you got nerve damage that resides beyond the musculoskeletal recovery that is the pain we are talking about! We are talking nerve pain, chronic headaches, bone pain (osteopathic degeneration), autoimmune disorders (fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, etc.), & chronic fatigue (not a pain-based disorder but theoretics around brain function are parallel)

We are putting boundaries on this conversation because the items recommended below will not improve the wellness of a traumatic injury.

So next we are going to quickly dive in about the brain.

So each brain consists of 2 hemispheres. Our left side/hemisphere in the simplest way does all our technical things, including subjects like mathematics, timekeeping, details of how your weird aunt always wears festive broaches - that stuff.

Our right side/hemisphere is our creative side. This wear we get emotions, creativity, imagination, art, love for music and passion from. Our creative side of the brain is unregulated on its own, and that's where the left side comes in! The right side of the brain also holds the parietal lobe which interprets pain - this is important to remember for later.

Alright, still with me? - stick out your tongue and count to five.
Most of you won't take that direction and good for you, resistance is key. And for the few of you that did, I am stoked you are engaged as you just released a little bit of heat so you should feel a bit more at ease.

So the rest of today's little lesson is going to take place talking about devices, interpreting what they do for the body, and why they support finding "sexy" with chronic pain.
Remember - traumatic injury may not benefit from using a device.

First Device.

May I introduce the 5 Prong Pin Wheel!

This little device is tantalizing - as it supports incredible sensory play. The key to this is to deprive one of the senses, so close your eyes and gentle roll this along your leg, or wherever you experience pain. It will give this slightly sharp, slightly tingly sensation that is DELICIOUS!

Now how does this work with the brain? What you are doing when using a pinwheel is forcing that parietal lobe to reinterpret "risk" or "pain" and translate it into a different category of danger, or discomfort. Since we removed sight we aren't visually interpreting danger, thus only get the sensation which then gets translated as a pleasure signal. That's when your pleasure pathway swoops in and start releasing a series of brain chemicals that are implementing your understanding. So basically when using the pinwheel your re-training the brain to see pain, especially if you have zones or areas of pain as pleasure apart of your pleasure pathway.

Next Device

The Rechargeable Magic Wand.

Now, this.

This is one of the most powerful devices on the market, great for genital stimulation, but also and why it's on this list a GREAT massager. If you have one of these powerful tools at home already know there are multiple ways this device can be therapeutic for the body, and maybe your partner can use one as well. A dual-wielding leg massage? Yes Please!

But what's the science? So some of us like to be massaged, some of us don't like to be touched. Especially with chronic pain not having the greatest relationship with our bodies is pretty common! This allows you to be in control of the pressure, touch and vibrations - which already soothing!

Next, the vibrations and micro-vibrations you get shows to increase micro-circulation which increases blood flow to body sites. This frequency/vibration technology is starting to be used by NASA to support astronauts not having atrophy while in space. Groovy Right? Like the pinwheel, this will also support our pleasure pathway rewiring!

First Device.
The last little number is
Yoni by Chakrubs!

Oni Egg Charkrubs |

This little Jade egg is great to support the pelvic floor and kegel exercises, coupled being a precious stones keeps it nice and cold! It has another use - Like the pinwheel, the chilled temperature is great for sensory play (pleasure Patwhays BABY)!

This little number works great as a pressure and hand massager. Combined with massage oil (May I suggest High On Love Sensual Massage Oil - as it has ingredients that support sensual touch & pain reduction) this little number can move and release tension! One tip is placing on the floor and laying on it to relieve shoulder tension, as you would a tennis ball!

Now there is research coming out that organic materials have a different frequency or tenacity for body wellness that also supports microcirculation like the Magic wand!

I hope this is a start, as someone with chronic deep bone pain I can use all the love I can get! Feel free to reach out and know that you're adored and as always.

#FuckYourselfinAGoodWay & #OrgasmForAll


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