• Radical Pleasure Activism

    Radical Pleasure Activism

    In the world we live in, it certainly is. But to be truly radical in your pleasure activism, it means embracing every single member of our community- learning, growing, and experiencing together. This is what it means to us, and who we are.
  • Adult Industry Ethics... Be Sexy about it

    Adult Industry Ethics... Be Sexy about it

    There’s a lot of conversation about "ethics," when it comes to the adult industry. Whether its IRL kinks with real-life consequences or even how porn is created, ethics dominates the space of professional sex and beyond. Today, we’re going to discuss some harmful misconceptions we see a lot in the world about the sex industry, and how you, keyholders, can help us break down...
  • Want Pleasure? Get Delivery... No Issue!

    Want Pleasure? Get Delivery... No Issue!

    Sensuale Intimate Wellness is dedicated to body-safety and bringing the best customer experience, best products, and reducing exploitation in the adult industry. So we changed our packaging. I know packaging isn't the sexiest thing to talk about, but we want to give you another reason to be "moist" (It's not that weird of a word, calm down)! We are the FIRST adult toy company to join...
  • Dude use Dame! ...Seriously!

    Dude use Dame! ...Seriously!

    We cover how Dame is Great for Dudes! Despite their powerful feminine role in the adult toy world, Sensuale has figured out how to use their amazing products for individuals wielding a penis! You won't be disappointed!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Toxic Toys - What Does Body Safe Mean?

    The Ultimate Guide to Toxic Toys - What Does Body Safe Mean?

    (Feature image is the Amethyst Deceiver mushroom, a beautiful but poisonous mushroom that absorbs arsenic from the soil)   We talk a lot here at Sensuale Intimate Wellness about the concept of “body safe” toys, and while the phrase is used liberally in sexually involved circles, it rarely leaves the conversations of sex toy manufacturers and distributors. This needs to change. Knowledge is power,...
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