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Dr. Lauren Walker is a registered clinical psychologist, specializing in sexuality and sexual relationships. Her passion is working with couples and individuals who are interested in enhancing their intimate relationships and sexual lives and with people who are experiencing sexual difficulties. She is also a sexuality researcher and holds an Adj. Associate Professorship at the University of Calgary (Departments of Oncology and Psychology).

A major focus of Dr. Walker’s work is developing sexual health programs for people experiencing sexual difficulties. She also prioritizes translating science and research about sexuality into real life education for everyone. Her mission is to help people grow in the areas of sexuality, intimacy, relationships and self-care. Her research aims to improve health care provider’s offerings of sexual health care to patients and her social media presence (Instagram) aims to reduce stigma associated with sexuality, mental health and health. 

After years of working with clients, in her private psychology practice (Walker Psychological) Dr. Walker developed some preferences for sex toys and products when making recommendations to her patients. She heard couples and individuals complain about being overwhelmed at the thousands of choices of products on the market which resulted in difficulty in choosing and ordering products. This is the story of how Dr. Walker’s Toybox began.

Sensuale & Dr. Lauren Walker
Dr. Walker's Toy Box
is a partnership to deliver a cost-effective and streamlined shopping experience for clients searching for sex toys and products to help address sexual concerns. On this page you will find a selection of tried and tested products, carefully selected with a number of particular concerns and interests in mind. 

For more information on Dr. Walker and her private psychology practice (available to AB residents only) check out the following resources:

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