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Your sex toy astrology September 2019

by Shane Orvis 29 Aug 2019 0 Comments
WELCOME!  You’ve travelled to this part of the internet to know which vibration, device, or object can “fill” your needs based on your STAR SIGN. We are looking at Sun Signs today! As a quick little kiss of information if you are seeking a device for medical needs this is not a guide for that, but more for you to find some pleasure in wielding a new intimate device!
Today we are going to go through devices that are for yourself or can play with a partner with. This little guide doesn’t focus on a couple devices, restraints, or liquids.
*Note – I am not an astrologer, but I do feel that personality needs to take the characteristics of the device. Pro Tip – name your Devices after us (Shane or Alexa) and tell us all about it!


Let’s Begin!

Aries – Fire – The “RAM” – New Beginnings, Courageous & Adventurous.

These Handmade glass Crystal delights butt-plugs are something new, sparkly and delightful – give it a try and take a quick snapshot of your booty sparkling! If you’re looking for that full feeling, or if you just want to dazzle this beautiful plug is for you!

Walk into a room knowing that the impression you’ll make is something spectacular and your sparkling good looks and charm will leave anyone breathless!


Taurus – Earth – The “BULL” -  Calm, Relaxed, Generous & Passionate.

The Heart - Taurus Dildo

This Beautiful Chakrubs dildo is made out of rose quartz! Be generous with yourself and maybe realign a chakra while you’re at it! This beautiful device needs some lube but stays wonderfully chilled – so you can create the heat! Stay Calm, be relaxed and get passionate with yourself! Note – this isn’t recommended for anal use as it does not have a flared bottom, but is great perineum massage and some quick nipple play. Quick Tip – put the heart in the fridge if you are really into some sensory play!

Be stubborn in the best ways you delicious and friendly soul!


Gemini – Air – The “TWINS" - Intelligent, Impulsive, Communicative & Inquiring.

With twins we need 2 types of stimulation – keeps everyone happy! This Dual Stimulation vibrator has a flexible external vibrator and a rumbly & luxurious internal stimulator. Inquire about what your body wants and let these 2 vibrations do some talking for you. Oh! It also comes with an APP that you can control multiple features of this device!

You deserve to be heard! F*ck today up - you brilliant duo! 


Cancer – Water – The “CRAB” – Shy, Emotional, Protective & Caring.

Alright, Cancer’s – time to put down the worlds pain for 1 second and show yourself some care! As the ultimate caregiver, you need a moment to destress and protect yourself. Remember for you do the best work you can you need to take of yourself!

This is why we have 2 options:

For those who appreciate a good stroke and need a hand

This great little tool is texture and is great for on the go! Being shy you may not keep this in your bag, or while you’re running between jobs – but can help you wind down from saving the world – you have permission.

We know your hands are your tools, but like let’s not forget about our other tools?

And those for two-finger wonders looking for some extra gusto!

Now – you beautiful soul, need to not forget about your genitals. We realized you just did a 24-hour shift at the hospital and saved four lives while maintaining relationships and showing up for brunch. You’re a superhero and this little device is aptly named “Liberty” for a reason.

Liberate your beautiful self by some self-care.

Leo – Fire – The “LION” – Prideful, Powerful, Outgoing & Independent.

Alright, You sexy lion. Let us take that tussled hair, and power and give you a little challenge.

Meet Eleven (Not a Stranger Things reference. But just as fierce)

This device is double-ended, just in case you, or someone extra need to be shown why you’re powerful. We know you’re independent so you can get 2 ends out of the Eleven – so be the baton twirling superstar you are! *Also can be used a weapon – preferably when taking down the patriarchy.

Don’t forget to each lunch – then go f*ck things up you amazing human!

Virgo – Earth – The “VIRGIN” - Detailed Oriented, Practical, Analytical & Sweet.

Oh, Sweetness, this is another double recommendation!

First, give you’re a little booty massage. This little detailed device help with internal massages! (Trust me when I say that your genitals love being massaged internally… WOO!) The Helix Syn is perfectly shaped to hit the prostate, or even just offer a full feeling!

Dame Pom |

Second, use this AMAZING device by our loves DAME! This little stimulator packs a punch into a very beautiful and luxurious little design. Shake things up with this detailed vibrations and give your body an analytical once over.

GET OUT THERE VIRGO – we got the bedroom covered so you can focus on the other details!

Libra – Air – The “SCALE” – Diplomatic, Partnership, Compassionate & Balanced.

Hello Regimented Libra!

Let's keep things balanced in your life and make some diplomatic decisions.

My dear justice heart need a balanced by strong dildo! The Magnum is large, but can be used in multiple ways! Let’s restore some balance as this can be used as a strap-on with harness compatibility. It’s super comfortable and extra fun – with gravel authority. Make your bedroom a courtroom and give a reasonable punishment?

Keep on being wonderful and standing up for injustice you brave soul! 

I am enjoying writing these too much

Scorpio – Water – The “SCORPION” – Intense, Brave, Ambitious & Intuitive.

Oh hello, Scorpio – we meet again *eyes sparkle*.

Let’s give you something to rumble with

Now – this number looks like a scorpion’s stinger. It can be used on its own, or with a partner. Works wonderfully for self-stimulation, with anal vibes and perineum stimulator or use it as a vibrator. But why we make this recommendation is that you can be as ambitious with it as you desire – and share your intuitive vibrations!

It may not be a stinger, but you always leave a lasting impression. You Saucy number!

Sagittarius – Fire – The “ARCHER” – Straight Forward, Philosophical, Adventurous & Positive

This Luxurious faux pony hair butt plug can finally give you that tail you’ve always wanted. BE THE ADVENTUROUS CENTAUR that you are! Live your best life as the poignant and lovely human that you are creating a new persona in the bedroom. You can really play the role of a centaur *real arrows not included, or recommended*

Keep it positive, keep it feeling full – you deserve some playtime Sagittarius! Get out there and gallop through the day!

Capricorn – Earth – The “GOAT” – Practical, Wise, Patient & Disciplined

Well, Capricorn – We see your wisdom, we know you’re patient and that disciplined.

That’s why we recommend

Hold up – we never said you were uptight and needed to relax, we know you have a wide eye for adventure and want to try new things! We know that you treat your body safely and you will work you up to something larger, thus recommend a trainer kit! It’s the most practical way for you to really enjoy anal! Make sure to lube up these great devices.

We know you take care of yourself, we know you excel at your work, we know you’re GORGEOUS, why not train something else – your beautiful wonderful mind deserves it!

Pisces – Water – The “FISH” - Imaginative, Kind, Sensitive & Selfless

Hello, our imaginative little fishes – we have two recommendations for your beautifully intricate souls.

One being the FIN –

Aptly named for you little fishes but this devices is an amazing “your fingers but better.” The vibrating sensations with harness help target, stimulate, and sensationalize any sensitive area! This device allows you to be a little selfish and treat your body in the best way!

And the Second being the

The Hot Octopus Solo III – this wonderful device can be used completely hands-free. Sting-ray in shape and affectionately named this imaginative device can get anything attention!

Be kind to yourself and go paint the world with the brilliance you are!

All our Love

Shane  & Alexa (Team Sensuale)
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