Where It All Began...


To learn about our business you first need to know about who we are. I will first explain my own story, followed closely by my business partner, Shane Orvis. *incoming wall of text. xo we love you! 

I struggled for many years with health conditions that directly effected my vaginal safety, as well as a struggle that I believe everyone faces- sexuality, and how to reckon with my own identity as a sexual person in nature and as a bisexual woman. I know, starting off strong, but it all leads to why my belief is so unfaltering in what Sensuale is doing today. My own insecurity and uncertainty lead me to working in adult stores at age 16, desperately seeking the answers as to why my body rejected me, and why my desires as a sexually empowered and yet smothered woman had manifested in the way that it had. After just a few weeks working in stores, I was quickly alerted to the biggest flaw of the adult industry- that the products that millions of individuals were inserting into their bodies, were completely unregulated, some leading to cause cervical and uterine cancer through harmful materials. This knowledge which I had literally never heard of, shook me deeply. After going home and checking my own trusty vibrator, I realized that the source of so many of my vaginal issues, that crippled my ability to feel desirable at such a young age, may have been sourced from a poorly manufactured toy. If I was just one, how many others could be struggling the same way?

I was determined to tell as many people as possible about my discoveries, which soon lead me down a rabbit hole that I’m still tumbling through today. Glycerine, one of the most popular ingredients in lube, causes yeast infections?! It was terrifying to me, and every university lecture I was privileged enough to speak at garnered frightened conversation as I set TPE based vibrators on fire, immediately burning from the oil seeped inside. I was determined to inform as many people as possible, teaching and encouraging individuals to learn about the what exactly they were putting into their bodies and why it was so deeply important.

For Shane, it starts at a young age- being unable to walk, and unable to understand who he was, taking his first steps at eight years old. It all starts with the idea of mobility, which is so much more than being able to walk or move your hands. Transcending into walking and into high school, facing trauma, emerging as a queer male, creating significant barriers for his understanding sexually as well as understanding society. Shane slowly grew a love and passion for understanding humans and the human concept, leading to a career as a sex worker and a pro dominatrix. Once again, this all seems shocking, but what he learned from this beautiful industry came consent, understanding, and the human experience are all based in intimacy. The one piece that he never understood, was why sex work + exploitation, and individuals who sought out intimacy whether paid for or not were condemned.

Everyone that he spoke to in the trauma industry all came from a similar school of thought, being the idea that we can theoretically treat the trauma, however, no one looked at reinvigorating the sensuality, the sexuality, and demonitizing genitals, as well as viewing sex as non transactional. With his background, Shane dedicated his existence to supporting individuals finding their voice, creating mobility and re-harnessing intimate power.

So how did we come together? With my background and passion for the toys themselves, and Shane’s skilled background in the medical world and as a sex worker, we came together to create Sensuale Intimate Wellness. A website that is so much more than a space to purchase sex toys. Sensuale is a safe place, Sensuale is an experience, Sensuale offers opportunities to explore every aspect of the human sensual experience, and Sensuale is here to teach that sexuality is something to be treasured, and how to do so in the safest way possible.

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