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If you’re reading this, it must mean that you have encountered our wonderful wellness portal, Sensuale Intimate Wellness. First, welcome! We can’t wait to help you reclaim your intimate power.


Already you might be asking yourself “what a wellness portal? Isn’t it just a sex toy store?” or maybe wondering how exactly we got so pretentious- but let us explain, first.

Although sex toys may seem like one of the most gendered items on earth, we believe that it is in fact the last thing that should ever be gendered- not only because of the versatility of toy use but in the great diversity in genital identification. By labelling a toy “for her” or “for him”, you are immediately isolating anyone who can’t use the toy labelled for their identified gender. And don’t even get us started on the idea of “couples toys”… The industry must know that any toy you use with a partner is a partner toy, right?! It’s this stuck in the box thinking that prevents people from experiencing mind blowing prostate orgasms or the intense pleasure of using an external toy in unexplored erogenous zones- and who doesn’t want to discover new orgasms?


That’s why we label our toys as internal toys, external toys, or partner toys, completely eliminating the concept of a “for her” or “for him category”. As a quick guide, here are some terms to know to find your genitals new BFF.


Internal: A vaginally insertable toy, only anal safe if stated so. Your body is a human donut and any toy without a flared base is not anal safe.

External: Small, vibrating toys, generally 5” or less in length that are meant to be used externally, as their small size is not ideal for any form of penetration. These toys can be used in a variety of ways, such as behind the ears, the ankles, behind the knees, or gently tickling the perineum.

Dual Stimulation: Toys that contain both an external arm and an internal arm, commonly referred to as a “rabbit” toy. These toys can be great for both vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation and anal penetration with perineum stimulation.

Anal: Any toy that is designed with a wide enough flared base to be safely inserted into the anal cavity.

Kink: While the team at Sensuale have an extensive history in many corners of the kink community, Sensuale carries a more surface level collection, with well-crafted implements meant to be usable for both beginners and experts- including impact implements like whips and paddles, equipment for restraints, and more. If you are looking for something a little more niche, feel free to shoot us an email so we can point you in the right direction!


It’s that simple! By removing gendered language from the industry, we not only open the door for comfort in a variety of gender identities but also push the boundaries of pleasure. We believe that any toy should be able to be used five different ways- how are you going to use your toy in a unique way your next session?

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