Radical Pleasure Activism - What It Means to Us


Radical pleasure activism as a concept is as catchy as it is vague to those outside of our community. Isn’t all pleasure radical?

In the world we live in, it certainly is. But to be truly radical in your pleasure activism, it means embracing every single member of our community- learning, growing, and experiencing together.

This is what it means to us, and who we are.

Radical Pleasure Activism is:

  • unapologetic self-love and the steadfast love for sex-positivity.
  • masturbation and body exploration.
  • respecting sex work and the individuals hustling within it.
  • defending the sovereignty to have control over your body.
  • destroying patriarchal structures that put a value on an individuals physical design.
  • overcoming sexualized violence and still finding beauty in each day.
  • asking questions related to sex and making space for sexuality in all industries.
  • enjoying sex with yourself and with your partner(s).
  • seeking out body-safe devices as it puts a demand on an unregulated market.
  • setting boundaries, speaking about your needs, and exploring your sexual interest.
  • calling yourself a slut if you want to be called a slut.
  • enthusiastic ongoing consent.
  • protecting Trans Rights and fighting for the LGBTQS2+ Community.
  • protecting BIPOC lives.
  • advocating for access to health care, including STBBI testing.
  • dismantling the concept of purity and making a choice not based on religious violence.
  • sending nudes to your friends, because why the fuck not.

Radical Pleasure Activism is being a beautiful human.

You are a part of this.

  • You are accepting that sex is something that you alone get to embrace and define for yourself.
  • You are accepting body-safe devices into your intimate sessions because fucking yourself in a good way is amazing.
  • You are creating space for individuals' voices who have been snuffed or devalued.
  • You engage when you feel safe, and you rally to individuals who make you feel powerful.
  • You are unique and beautiful.

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