Be a Snack in Bed - Food + Foreplay

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Food and foreplay are akin — they're sensual, great for the soul, comes in all shapes and flavours, and can have a lot of love poured in.

A slept on method of spicing up the bedroom, is well turning your beautiful snack of self, into a buffet!  Licking your fingers, smacking your lips, and nibbles are apart of foreplay and eating. 

The key to food play is communication, ongoing enthusiastic consent & comfort. Communicating your snacking desire, sharing on what part of the body food can be used, and using safe words if needed! 

Also don't be afraid to laugh, because well you are doing what, naked in a bed? Yes it's funny, and that's fine. 

Here are a few tips to get to start mixing food into your foreplay! 


Keep it light & Learning sweet.

Food foreplay, you are the appetizer. It's recommended that you hold the savory, spicy, or incredibly sour (which can burn skin or eyes).

Using fresh seasonal fruit, like peach,

High on Love Chocolate Body Paint

strawberries, or melon. Throw them in the freezer for some extra temperature play! If you have a sweet tooth, try foreplay with ice cream toppings, like caramel sauce or chocolate sauce. We do carry a Chocolate paint that is made for this specific moment! Check out the High on Love Chocolate Body paint - Enriched with body safe edible oils and delish dark chocolate, you can be a painter and a chef! 

Be gentle on how much food you consume, as it can lead to a sugar spike, feelings of nausea, or make you feel bloated and loose the mood!


Food is not safe for your genitals


Oh honey no gif Be a snack in bed

Genitals and food don't mix for various reasons, including the potential for infections, skin irritation, sticky hair, and well the sugars can form yeast. Yikes!

If looking for a temperature sensation, use ice, a stainless steel or glass device, or a warming lubricant! Body-Safety is key here. Your peachy-booty does not like real peaches near it!


Sensory Play


Sensory Play Bread Be a snack and bed

When we engage or deprive some of our senses it will increase our alertness! Check out Ghost yourself a blog post where we go into the world of sensory play!  

But if you don't want to give that read, here's an excerpt "How it works is that you deprive, or limit one of the senses and then have your partner tickle, touch, rub, or neglect you. (that's right!). Having one of the senses heightened will create a sense of wonder, mystery, arousal, and even some pleasurable panic." 


The Key is to use your mouth


Mouth Lick Beyonce  Be a snack food and foreplay

Suck on toes (if not ticklish), lick out of belly buttons, put whip cream on nipples, use a vibrator at the same time as licking your partner. Our mouths are great tools for pleasure, interaction and intimacy!


Prepare for mess, and have cleanup material


Mr Clean Be a snack in Bed - Food and foreplay

It's not recommended to try food foreplay on your favourite best sheets, or on your heirloom comforter, or the new throw cushions. Use towels, blankets, or items you don't mind getting a little dirty!

This is meant to be fun, and having a wet wipe near by never hurts!

In closing, get hungry for something exciting in the bedroom, you are feast for the eyes, and your body is a work of magic

You are loved, xoxo Team Sensuale

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