Comfort Sex - The Mac N Cheese of intimacy.


What is it? Who needs it, who wants it?

So, let us take comfort foods, for example. These meals bring nostalgia or are something easy to prepare and provide a warm and nourished feeling. These foods soothe. Comfort Sex is also very familiar and similar! You may have already engaged in this type of intimacy before and not know what it's called. It's the friendly, informal pleasure that helps soothe nerves or is a part of your morning routine. This type of sex is fantastic for self-love and mental health maintenance. It's worth noting that comfort sex is widely different per person, whether solo or with partner(s); it can come in many engagements.

Comfort Sex while Single/Solo

Comfort sex is about familiarity and having someone around that can know your body and have a level of trust. There are a few key opportunities when you are solo for Comfort Sex. One, you can have friends with benefits; these are familiar individuals you get it on with; yay, we love an FWB moment! TWO, this is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself if you are comfortable engaging with different gender expressions or finding the type of individuals that make your body feel excited.

Most professional athletes find comfort in discomfort

. Being comfortable in uncomfortable situations is a key to personal growth and success and can bolster other avenues in one's life. Now, why are we recommending trying a new thing with "comfort sex?" Trying something new without strings attached or not holding reservations makes that interaction far less daunting. The discovery phase of comfort sex and seeing what is comfortable could be the transformational part.


Comfort Sex does not equal another individual.

Self-pleasure is not celebrated enough; you are your best lover. All genitalia deserve to be pleasured and deserve to be treasured! So treasure yours (please make sure they are body-safe).

Being a couple does not mean you need to stray away from comfort sex. Looking to "spice things up?" AWESOME, but make sure to keep a constant familiar type of intimacy, as those forms of physical touch are reassuring. Schedule sex! Yes, schedule it (on Wednesday after lasagna, we have sex). The key to comfort sex is making it a priority to maintain and have those soothing interactions as both parties need that level of investment. 

Orgasms are not necessary but are always welcome.

Stop focussing on the climax when the journey is far more interesting. If you don't get an orgasm, who cares? If you enjoyed the intimacy, then f*ck yeah, you are better off for it.

Find your fave toy with, and get comfortable with sex and your body.

You are loved



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