Ghost yourself - Boo in the bedroom


Ghost yourself

What in the name of paranormal... Team what are you on? 

We are talking about... Visual sensory play! 


How it works is that you deprive, or limit one of the senses and then have your partner tickle, touch, rub, or neglect you. (that's right!). Having one of the senses heightened will create a sense of wonder, mystery, arousal, and even some pleasurable panic. 

We need to note that enthusiastic ongoing CONSENT is huger here and having a negotiation with safe words is very important to feel safe and comfortable. 

Blindfolding your partner and then leaving on the bed not knowing where you are? Ghostly-fun! Blindfolding yourself and exploring your own body will increase sensations! Ooh-la-la


Ok, so what's the science? 

The skin is the largest sensory organ of the body. The skin is sensitive to many different kinds of "stimuli", such as touch, pressure, and temperature. Within the skin, there are different types of "receptors" that are activated by different stimuli. When a receptor is activated, it triggers a series of nerve impulses. For a person to "feel" the stimulus, the nerve impulses must make their way up to brain.  When you limit site this sensory organ increases, feeling for "light" or warmth and ways to help you escape for find comfort. This is a natural response to being blinded, or blindfolded as your body goes on alert that it may need to be protected.  


Alright, now let's talk devices.

Any vibrating device, pinwheel, glass, or stainless steel device is the best for this. The vibrations are a touch receptors dream, the pinwheel has small "pins" that tickle the skin, glass stays chilly or can be warmed for temperature play and the same goes for stainless steel! All of these can wash over your curves in the most harmonious way! 

What we recommend! 

The We Vibe Wand - This wand is technology overload, with sensory pressue and attachments to pleasure all over! 
The 5 prong Pinwheel - The 5 prong pinwheel kisses the skin with tiny pricks that tickle, and pleasure! It's definitely worth a try. 
Basix Hand blown glass dildo |
The Basix Glass Dildo - A glass dildo is a must - this product is made of the same material as airplane windows so don't worry about it breaking. You can throw it in the dishwasher to clean it! Use with ice, or warm water and sensory play the day away! 
Fun wand Njoy Stainless steel adult device
 The Funn Wand  - A stainless steel wand is the best for internal, external, and all the temperature play. Use with ice, or put it in the fridge - as a quick chill to an erogenous zone heats up the bedroom! 

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