Anal - The Things to Know!


We all realize sometimes the best entrance is the back door! Heck, some of the best bars in #YYC have some very well hidden entrances. 

Let's chat about Anal and if you want to try it! 

  • First things first.

We need to treat ourselves with love & dignity and really ask ourselves why we want to participate. 

This is vital in creating positive, consensual relationship with Anal. The KEY to successful anal play is consent, as it mitigates anxiety and stress. 


Alright, Now Let's Get the booty Ready!

🍑 Use Dilation! Work your way up to the device you want to use, or that you love, or want to love. This will help avoid fissures. Taking your time will allow for the anus to relax. 


🍑 Don't Over Clean! Ok, Sensuale, but like detritus, debris, doodoo, you name it! The cleaner the better right? No! You only need to clean the lower part of the color and intestinal area. Over cleaning can actually make things messier. 

🍑Don't let your eyes be bigger than you booty! This is important, It may look delicious and exciting but it could cause some discomfort, make sure you have the size before, or with a partner that you've used something similar in girth, and length! 

Snug Plug

🍑Avoid Relaxants or numbing agents! These are products like Poppers, or anal serums with Lidocaine (an topical pain reliever/nerve agent) in them.  This will help gauge what you are able to take, and helps prevents against rips! 


🍑USE LUBE I am going to hammer this home. please, use lubricant, always and forever.


🍑Have Fun and be kind to yourself. Sometimes sh*t happens, have that conversation with yourself and your partner. 


Now that you are prepared, rethink your entry points, live your best life, and remember your booty is groovy.



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