Dr. Walker x Sensuale Silicone Dilators

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Soul Source x Dr. Walker x Sensuale Dilator Sets to support your genital health! We Partnered with Soul Source and Dr. Walker to bring the exclusive 5 Piece + Travel Bag set.

*Note these take additional time to ship

Description: Soul Source Dilators are some of the best quality products in North America. The comfortable sizes, amazing silicone, and travel bag are the perfect companion to make penetration more comfortable, or support the pelvic floor! Vaginal physical therapy is the goal of these renowned dilators., however, they can support any orifice. 

The 5-piece dilator set plus travel bag is a careful selection of the most essential sizes made exclusively for Sensuale X Dr. Walker’s ToyBox. Typically size #1 is about the average size of a pinky, and size #2 of an index finger, so often people can start their purchasing at a size #3. The kit goes up to size #7, which is fairly large and may not be necessary for many users. If and when a larger size is eventually needed it can be purchased individually.

*Products are generally used to treat - please consult a medical professional to support you in their use.

  • Vaginismus 
  • Vulvodynia
  • Pain with penetrative sex
  • Vaginal shortening or tightening following menopause
  • Maintain the health of the vagina during or following cancer treatment (chemotherapy, pelvic radiation or endocrine therapy)
  • Anxiety-related to penetrative sexual activity
  • Post-surgical vaginal swelling


Care: Wash in warm water with Toy cleaner, or mild unscented soap.


  • Material: latex-free silicone rubber
  • 8 separate Sizes - or in our Exclusive 5 piece Set
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