Crystal Delights

Pony Tails

$129.99 $159.99

Medium bulb and short stem tail with a tapered end for easy insertion. These dreamy, silky soft pony tails will allow you to live every fantasy. Whether it be a pastel dream or dark pony play, this tail brings the imagination.


Crystal Delights is an incredible organization out of Brinnon, Washington, creating hand made borosilicate glass products. They pride themselves on the versatility and customizability of their products. We only carry specific sizes in each product due to size constraints, but please refer to the plug size guide. If you would like a custom size, please reach out so we can get the item special ordered for you!


  • Colours: Black, Magenta, Baby pink, lavender, rainbow, and tri-colour pastel.
  • Length: 15.5” Approx

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