Colour :
Velvish Merlot
Velveish Midnight

A moulded, curved pillow for comfort and deep penetration.

Description: Sculpted to follow the contours of the human form, this Shape cradles you perfectly to provide ideal comfort and support with the flowing arches giving you and your partner access to an assortment of new sexual positions that will thrill and intensify your lovemaking. The high and low curves are designed to bolster your head, back, and knees to create optimal lift and angles in missionary or from-behind positions, and reinvigorate oral by boosting the body to provide better access. The Hipster is just as useful when playtime is finished—the slope provides a comfortable neck and back support while reading or watching TV in bed.


The velvet cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.


  • Length: 33”.
  • Width: 24”.
  • Height: 10”.
  • Colours: Velvish merlot and midnight black.
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