Dr. Berman Dilator Set



The Dilator Set from the Berman Center line is a thoughtfully designed tool meant to help train and exercise the vaginal walls and muscles to help ease discomfort and increase pleasure during sex and penetration. 

Description: 4 sizes of sleeve interlock over a standard, 3 1/4 inch dilator so you can start off that the smallest, and work your way up at your own pace. Simply stack the next size overtop of the one before it and twist to lock it in securely. An included soft, textured silicone sleeve adds pleasurable stimulation when you 're ready, it slips overtop of the last two sizes of dilator. To take the 'clinical' feel away from using a dilator, this one can vibrate at multiple speeds, which lets you focus on pleasure as well as training, and also helps to relax you and increase blood flow and lubrication. 

The slick, smooth body friendly plastic material is hygienic and firm for perfect control, it's also waterproof so you can safely use this tool in the tub or shower. You can use any type of lubrication you like with the Dilator set. 


  • *Do not use TPR Silicone Sleeve - this item is not body-safe.
  • 3 interlockings, graduated stacked dilator sleeves for custom girth selection
  • Material: ABS (dilator and graduated sleeves)
  • Designer pouch included
  • 2 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • 3.5”x .75”/9 cm x 2 cm (small sleeve)(on handle)
  • 4.5”x 1.5”/11 cm x 4 cm (medium stacked sleeve)
  • 5.5”x 1”/14 cm x 3 cm (large stacked sleeve)
  • 6.5” x 1.5”/17 cm x 4 cm (x-large stacked sleeve)
  • 4.5 x 1”/11 cm x 3 cm (soft sleeve)
Dr. Berman Dilator Set
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