Fun Factory

Abby G


A squishy, rumbly ribbed internal toy that’s not too big and not too small.

Description: ABBY G is ridiculously powerful, with the deep, rumbling bass tone vibration that makes Fun Factory a must have brand. They’ve managed to improve the difficult battery operated toy, creating a vibrator that maintains a steady level of power throughout its battery life, instead of getting less and less powerful as the battery runs out. Use regular batteries or rechargeable batteries- or better yet, purchase the hybrid kit so you can charge your toys without the cost of a rechargeable product!


ABBY G is easy to clean under running water with a little bit of toy cleaner or mild soap.


In the box:

Abby G, USB charging cord, and instruction manual.



  • Insertable length: 6-8”
  • Material: Body safe silicone
  • Colours: Violet and Turquoise
  • Power source: Battery operated
  • Has a travel mode
  • Waterproof

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