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Bed Bondage Restraint Kit
Here is a good reason to never get out of bed!  Description: The Bed Bondage Restraint kit sets up in seconds, and is a great way to spice up and introduce bondage into the bedroom! The Bed Bondage Restraint Kit fits...
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Black Crystal Crop
Description: Encrusted with glimmering black gems and a soft leather tip, this crop brings the elegance you’ve been needing. Specs: Material: Leather, Fiberglass, Nylon, ABS, crystal (GLASS), PVC, Cast Zinc Metal Cap Measurement: Handle Length: 8.75", Stem Length: 7.5", Top...
Dragon Strike Crop
Description: Adorned with nine individually stitched scales crafted to mimic the powerful and punishing tails of the dragons of yore! Bringing a mythic edge to your impact play, this unique crop can help bring your most epic roleplay fantasies to...
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Enchanted Bed Bound Restraints
Enchant and restrain your bedroom! Description: The Enchanted Bed Bound Restraints are perfect for beginners, made with supple vegan leather, nickel-free metal, and can be easily hand-washed. These luxurious restraints can set up in seconds and turn any bedroom into an...
Layer Paddle
A crack like thunder, bruise like a peach. Description: Three layers of vegan leather create a dramatic sound upon impact, with each slap arousing a red hue upon your plaything's flesh. Encourage them towards "subspace" as you take control of...
Ping Pong Paddle
Description: This handy crimson paddle offers sadists and Doms a beautifully-crafted tool with which to discipline their plaything. A soft vegan leather exterior means that the lead up to each impact can be delicate and demure, soft upon the flesh....
Sincerely Chained Lace Mask
Flirty, Sexy, Fierce - nothing will chain you down!   Description: This Lace covered, chain clad, and silken tie mask will empower and change how sexy you feel! Pick up a paddle, or a feather tickler, take control in the bedroom!...
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Sincerely Locking Lace Silicone Ball Gag
Quiet Elegance Description: This beautiful ball gag comes with a lock and keys, coupled with being adorned in lace. Explore your body without talking and take the bedroom to the next level. Care: Hand wash gently with warm water and let...
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Snake Bite Crop
Description: Sexy and sleek, the split-tip of this seriously strong instrument of impact mimics the fork of a snake's tongue to give a serpentine touch to every strike. Vegan leather means no actual asps were harmed in the making of...
Square Paddle
Description: This rigid, red square paddle is an elegant addition to your boudoir arsenal, putting the power of punishment into your hands. Bound in soft, smooth vegan leather that soothes with every caress, it also serves to slap and smack...
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Sweet Sting Crop
Description: From bottom to top, this crystal embossed crop has all the style and strength needed to deal stinging blows that satisfy with a crisp crack. Vegan leather detailing and a stately character will have you feeling sharp, superior, and...
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