Valentines Day Gift Guide


Oh, Valentines Day... The time of love, coupling, and gaudy pink and red colour schemes as far as the eye can see. Valentines day can be, for some, the harbinger of some serious dating FOMO but trust me when I say that there is just as much SELF loving happening on Valentines day as there is with partner loving. In fact, I think the best way to take advantage of the season is with some serious self care in the form of my favourite activity...


M A S T U R B A T I O N !



Whether you're loving solo, with a partner, or multiple partners, we've got something for any situation. Let's help you find you new favourite all year round toy this Valentines!



Clit Talk: Wanting some serious vagina loving? Me too. Always. The Ina Wave might just be the most incredible dual stimulation toy I've ever encountered. Not only does this beautiful little vibe give deep rumbling vibrations right at the clit and the g-spot, it also performs the most delicious "come hither" motion you get when you're... To put it eloquently, being finger fucked. 😉 Rechargeable, waterproof... Need I say more?!



Penis Wielding: Manual masturbating is so 2019. With a toy like the Torpedo, the textured sleeve and deep rumbling vibrations practically does all the work for you! Lube it up and slip right inside this tight toy for some mind blowing stimulation. Waterproof, medical grade silicone... We love the Torpedo and we're sure you will too!


Partner toys have a certain connotation or expectation to them- that they're meant to aid penetration. But this is not all! While we do have some incredible toys that can be used hands free during your next sexy time, external toys to be used on each other are a wonderful and gender neutral way to experience a partner toy! Here's some of our top picks.

WE VIBE SYNC: We know you know this partner toy. We-Vibe worked through nearly 8 generations of C-Shaped partner toys to finally create this beauty and it might just be the best penis + vagina couples toy on the market. With two bendable hinges, two strong motors, and an app that lets you do anything and everything, the Sync is a game changer! By adjusting the toy almost like a clamp in the vagina and on the vulva, you can experience hands free clit stim with enough room for some serious penetration. Not only that, we love the Sync as the best panty vibe!

DOC JOHNSON TRYST: The Tryst is just. The best. 12 toys in 1 might sound unbelievable but this toy actually delivers. With a rumbling motor in the rounded bottom for broad stimulation and motors in each dainty tip for more pinpoint pleasure, plus a stretchy yet stiff design, this toy is everything from a prostate toy to a cock ring that provides clit stim, to an incredible nipple stimulator. A must have for any couple!

VEDO YUMI: We all know the struggle of lubey hands. Toys are flying everywhere, lubes on the sheets... But no longer! The convenient grippy design of the Yumi means that it acts as a natural extension of your hands while still keeping it rumbly. Use alllllll over your partner for some seriously intimate encounters.

 ... And this is just the beginning!

Every day is a great excuse to fall deeper in love with yourself and your partner, so don't wait till Valentines day to do so! GET JERKIN' PEOPLE and happy season of love!

-Team Sensuale

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