Adult Industry Ethics... Be Sexy about it


There’s a lot of conversation about ethics, when it comes to the adult industry. Whether its in real life kinks with real-life consequences or even how porn is created, ethics dominates the space of professional sex and beyond. Today, we’re going to discuss some harmful misconceptions we see a lot in the world about the sex industry, and how you, keyholders, can help us break down some of those stereotypes!

It takes years of work to teach society to unlearn, and we hope that even in our little pocket of the internet, by debunking some myths, we’ll at least help a few of you to open up to the world of sex work.

Before we dive in, let’s define the Adult Industry. It's an industry that monetizes and/or encourages sex, intimacy, and sexual health. These ventures include adult stores, pornography, erotic films, erotic novels, sex workers, intimacy and life coaches, kink & fetish services, sex therapists/counsellors & sexual health centers. Yes, healthcare is huge a part of the "adult" industry!

Healthcare is apart of the sex industry

Next, we need to debunk some harmful ideas about the adult industry:

  • It's not illegal; of course, having an active and engaging sex life is not against the law, and as we discussed above, a worker in the sex industry can include counsellors and life coaches!
    Sex work is legal
  • If you are socially conservative, have a religious bias, or are bigoted in any way, you deserve to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life. But leave your comments to yourself - we are encouraging you to live your life to the fullest, so don't try and diminish ours!
    Get your Freak on
  • Individuals working in the adult industry pay taxes. A lot of taxes. 
  • Sex workers are SKILLED LABOURERS and paid in full, on time, without negotiations just as any other worker in a productive environment. 

  • The "adult" industry does not support exploitation.

    Society's view of the value of adult industry workers creates an opportunity for predatory behaviour, thus making it exploitive. Please use your dollars, and use your voice to augment adult industry professionals who are doing great work to prevent violence, exploitation, and predatory behaviour. (If you are reading this, we love you, and Sensuale focusses on positive self-pleasure, removing exploitation from the industry and body-safe devices!) 
Society OMG

When we think about Good Ethics in the adult industry, what are we saying?

Good Ethics


Children or individuals under the age of majority are NOT used to create products, sexualized scenes or advertising hypersexualized images of young people. (EG, "Teen" as a porn category) 
    Talent/workers agree to the negotiated terms and are not forced to be in awkward sexual situations, are paid fairly, treated appropriately, and supported.
      This also includes YOU. You can be forced into credit card fraud, contracts, and subscriptions you didn't want to pay for. Also, for devices, reach out to the provider to ensure that they have warranties and accessible websites.

        • Diversity

        Look for a diverse range of performers, talent, and products. When looking for porn producers, erotic novels, or a sexual health counsellor, look for all body-types, gender expressions, ability and races. Representation is critical for ethics and positive sexual health.

          • Language

            Find adult providers that use the language you want to hear. Never solicit to a provider if they use non-consensual shame-based, abstinence-based language. YOU SHOULD NEVER BE SHAMED FOR HAVING A FULFILLING SEX LIFE AND FINDING SOMETHING TO GET YOU GOING. Damn... (sorry, got a little heated). 

              • YOU!

              You are the key to eliminating ethical concerns in the adult industry. Respect your sexual health nurse as much as you would a sex worker! Use the team in your favourite adult store to your advantage; we are experts and care for your well being. Use your dollar to purchase porn from smaller providers who have a diverse plethora of talent. Lastly, maybe challenge a friend that thinks we are all hookers... or prostitutes, and we can't find real jobs. There’s a lot more to it! 😉

              In closing...

              You have the key and the power to change your sphere of influence, which directly impacts how adult industry professionals are treated. You deserve a positive, healthy, engaging, and riveting sex-life, and so does your social circle. Take some time to think about how YOU look at the adult industry and the workers within it, and what you love, and want to work on!

              You are loved.

              xo Team Sensuale

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