Sensuale Intimate Wellness is a sex-positive, body-positive, queer-positive adult store with a carefully curated selection of body safe products, and an emphasis on sex education. The store is run by celebrated educators Shane Orvis and Alexa Forigo, both boasting a serious background in the sex industry. Fighting back against unregulated toys, Sensuale only carries 100% body safe items so that you and your person can live your absolute best life. 


Sensuale opens the door to all experience and comfort levels, and we aim to provide as much personalized education as possible. If you're looking for a personal toy consultation, or just have questions about whether your toy is right for you, drop us a line! We also focus heavily on gender-less language and packaging, as we believe that not only is gendered language harmful, it limits the incredible diversity in toy use when "for men" or "for women" stickers are slapped on top. So go ahead, explore every area of your body that makes you feel good- we know we do.


We can't wait to meet you and remember, orgasms are for all, and there is no shame in loving yourself and fucking yourself in a good way!