Kama Sutra

Luxury Wax Free Massage Candle


Tahitian Sandalwood

The absolute classic sexy scent, smooth and luxurious.

Mediterranean Almond

Sweet almond and blooming cherry blossoms combine to create this luxurious massage candle deep in warm toasted notes.

Island Passion Fruit

Luscious passion fruit, succulent papaya and juicy berry with a hint of mango. A breezy, sweet massage candle that melts when warmed but doesn’t solidify on the skin.

Coconut Pineapple

A delightfully tropical massage candle that melts into a liquid and transports you to the beach.

  • Vegan, sugar free, and paraben free
  • Made of Coconut Oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E that melts into a warm, luxurious massage oil when lit.
  • Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candles are wax-free and they naturally burn at a low temperature so they won’t harm the skin.

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