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About The Store

Sensuale Intimate Wellness is a sex-positive, body-positive, queer-owned adult store with a carefully curated selection of body safe products, and an emphasis on Radical pleasure Activism. The store is run by celebrated educators Shane Orvis and Alexa Forigo, both boasting a serious background in the sex industry. Fighting back against unregulated toys, Sensuale only carries 100% body safe items so that you and your beloved can live your best, healthiest life!

Sensuale opens the door to all experience and comfort levels, and we aim to provide as much personalized education as possible. If you're looking for a personal toy consultation, or just have questions about whether your toy is right for you, drop us a line! We also focus heavily on gender-less language and packaging, as we believe that not only is gendered language harmful, it limits the incredible diversity in toy use when "for men" or "for women" stickers are slapped on top. So go ahead, explore every area of your body that makes you feel good- we know we do. We can't wait to meet you and remember, orgasms are for all, and there is no shame in loving yourself and fucking yourself in a good way!

Our Approach

While competitors may overload their selection with thousands of items, we recognize the value in quality over quantity and vow to only carry medical grade products that are confirmed body-safe so you can feel confident in every purchase you make. We recognized how difficult the industry is to navigate & how overwhelming and bewildering it can be and came up with one goal. What if we could make that journey easier? What if we could carry the best of the best, and offer that hands-on assistance that we wish we had when first exposed to intimate products? Sensuale Intimate Wellness is the navigator. Oh and we are weird, and have a great sense of humour.

Why we are different

Neon pink hearts, dark themes, overwhelming pornographic imagery, implications that sexuality should be hidden away or not discussed in the public- sound familiar? We saw the way that sexuality is being talked about on even self-proclaimed “sex-positive” websites, and knew that we had to change the conversation. Sensuale Intimate Wellness is here to affirm that sexuality is not something to be hidden away! It’s normal and experienced by so many, and once the conversation around sexuality is changed, the culture will follow. We aim to create and inspire a safe space that differentiates us from the industry - A truly neutral and empowering site where anyone and everyone can discuss their intimacy in a confident and confidential away.

Meet the Team

Sensuale is proudly queer owned and operated by industry professionals. We are Radical Pleasure Activist with a mission of regulating the industry, giving access to the best vibrations, and creating change through orgasms.

Alexa Forigo

Alexa Forigo is a seasoned member of the adult retail industry, working and managing multiple luxury adult stores in her home town of Calgary, Canada since 2014. Along with many years spent familiarizing herself with the industry and trends dominating the toy world, Alexa has also had the pleasure of hosting education nights both in retail settings, and in University lectures. She focuses on adult toy material + safety, intro courses to anal pleasure and locating the g-spot (to name a few), and the broader industry like sex work!

Favourite toy: FemmeFunn Booster Bullet (she has four - the colours are amazing!)

Astrological sign: Pisces

Favourite food: Carbonara

Shane Orvis

Shane Orvis is a mystical nerd with over 10 years working within healthcare. He began as a sex worker and then transcended into a plethora of education in the area of support for sexual exploitation and sexual deviancy. Shane has worked in high schools, and with high risk youth, the criminal justice system and front-line supporting individuals engaged in the sex trade. His mission is to change the conversation in society from sexual brutality, to intimacy with a little bit of spiciness in between! Shane has had the pleasure to speak on topic such as Missing Intimacy - a public health crises, Sexual Exploitation and removing transaction from the genitals - coupled with multiple topics in the kink community! Oh - he is also a crazy makeup artist...!

Favourite toy: Hot Octopus Duo III - Turn any phallus into a vibrating stingray. This is the best toy!

Astrological sign: Taurus!

Favourite food: Sushi
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