Who We Are : Sensuality over Sexuality

The team at Sensuale Intimate Wellness is made up of diverse professionals who all share a passion for sex positivity, accessibility for all, and the power held in our personal intimacy. Want a helping hand in discovering your sensual power? Let us know how we can guide you to a professional that suits your needs. We’ve curated a dream team of intimate professionals from holistic health coaches to neuropsychologists, ready to discuss your next steps.

While competitors may overload their selection with thousands of items, we recognize the value in quality over quantity and vow to only carry medical grade products that are confirmed body-safe so you can feel confident in every purchase you make. We recognized how difficult the industry is to navigate & how overwhelming and bewildering it can be and came up with one goal. What if we could make that journey easier? What if we could carry the best of the best, and offer that hands-on assistance that we wish we had when first exposed to intimate products? Sensuale Intimate Wellness is the navigator, and whether it’s a conversation with one of our discovery consultants, or a referral match to one of our counsellors, we offer every method for self-discovery and intimate empowerment.


Who You Are

Reclaiming intimate power starts with you!  We are here to support and make recommendations but it is YOUR journey that we are honoured to be a part of. Sensuale Intimate Wellness holds a huge focus on personalization and individual experiences when it comes to intimacy, and we know that no one person’s source of power is the same as someone else’s. How can we help you find the right resources? We offer consultations with experts in the adult industry to pick your next favourite product, but for those wanting a more hands-on, gradual experience, our panel of experts are here to encourage your intimate exploration in a way that suits you best. Whether its yoga sessions with our resident holistic health coach, a conversation with sex educator or a referral to one of our mind-blowing and inclusive licensed counsellors, we’ll help support you in the way that works best for new discovery.

Why We’re Different

Neon pink hearts, dark themes, overwhelming pornographic imagery, implications that sexuality should be hidden away or not discussed in the public- sound familiar? We saw the way that sexuality is being talked about on even self-proclaimed “sex-positive” websites, and knew that we had to change the conversation. Sensuale Intimate Wellness is here to affirm that sexuality is not something to be hidden away! It’s normal and experienced by so many, and once the conversation around sexuality is changed, the culture will follow. We aim to create and inspire a safe space that differentiates us from the industry - A truly neutral and empowering site where anyone and everyone can discuss their intimacy in a confident and confidential away.

Help us change the conversation, and contribute your experience!

Additionally, did you know that the adult toy industry is completely unregulated? That strange smelling toy with the sticky residue advertising as medical grade silicone is very likely to be harmful, but the packaging certainly won’t disclose that. Sensuale Intimate Wellness encourages education along with intimacy, so we also provide extensive information on toy quality and materials, as well as a curated selection exclusively carrying certified body safe materials.